Our special strength is in working out new developments and the supply of:

  • Adjusting units and special machines for tubes, sections, billets, sheets and slabs
  • Roller replacement robots for Sendzimir- rolling mills,
  • Roller replacement trolleys for rolling mills
  • Roller insert pull-off devices
  • Transport equipment of all types like e.g. bundle hand lifts and transport trolleys
  • Chain conveyors
  • Lifting beams
  • Transfer lifting beams for the wide strips sector coil hot or cold,
  • Complete strip inlet and outlet parts at the rolling mill,
  • Bundle inspection lines etc.

We carry out the complete design for the above equipment with:

  • Required calculations,
  • Foundation plans,
  • Detail drawings and dispositions,
  • Design of the hydraulics and pneumatics control plans,
  • Motors and components list,
  • Electrical functional description with the interlocking conditions
  • Interfaces for adjacent external equipment,
  • Machine description with maintenance and lubrication instructions
  • Complete electrical control
  • Electrical, mechanical, hydraulic assembly and commissioning
  • Training of the employees
  • Required safety-technical equipment.

We would be pleased to draw up solution suggestions and quotations for planning work.


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