Billet and sections rolling mill

Conveying systems for billets and section adjustment units consist mainly of the following equipment components:

  • Feeding box with billet singling
  • Roller tables, pushers
  • Feed and discharge units into and out of the roller tables (Swedish lever)
  • Lifting beam
  • Lifting carrier
  • Billet turn-around unit in the blasting stands
  • Design of billet blasting equipment, crack test device, ultrasonic device
  • With fault marking
  • Sawing unit to saw out the defect
  • Stacking unit with tying line, weighing device, labelling
  • All relevant safety-technical equipment (safety fences with electrically locked doors)

Our supply range includes, among others, the following equipment components:

  • Hot iron skid saw
  • Billet test and cleaning equipment
  • Length measuring device
  • Hydraulic alignment pushers
  • Transport and stacking unit for billets, sections with weighing, signing, stamping, ring marking, length measuring and tying machines
  • Roller tables
  • Driving-in device
  • Rotating shears