Wide strip rolling mill

Conveying systems for coils consist mainly of the following equipment components:

  • Bundle hand lift
  • Shuttle car
  • Lifting beam
  • Coil lift
  • Chain conveyor with integrated scales and strip tying machine
  • Transfer beam
  • Floor rollers with bundle preparation
  • Bundle inspection unit
  • Sheet parcel turn-around unit
  • All relevant safety-technical installations (Safety fences with electrically locked doors)

Our bundle conveying units can transport bundles with the following dimensions: Bundle Ø = approximately 2,200 mm, strip width = 2,100 mm, bundles weight = approximately 45 t

Not only do we supply new equipment but also modernise existing rolling mill lines.

Our special know-how:

  • Roller replacement trolley with storage trolley, working and intermediate rollers for Sendzimir rolling mills
  • Roller replacement units for working rollers for medium strip lines (hot) and dressing steel structure
  • The roller replacement trolleys can be supplied with fully automatic and semi-automatic control.

Our supply range includes among others the following equipment components:

  • Bundle conveying units
  • Bundle chain conveyors with transfer beams
  • Tilting units
  • Bundle lifting beams
  • Bundle transport trolleys
  • Roller replacement trolleys
  • Scrap removal units
  • Movable belt winding equipment
  • Driver
  • Deflector rollers
  • Movable end piece shears
  • Roller tables
  • Processor with strip centring in front of pickling line