Project planning

We plan, design and construct for the metallurgical and rolling mill industry, for companies such as SMS Siemag , M+W Dortmund and Thyssenkrupp Steel:

  • Inspection beds (chain conveyors with plate package turning device) for plates of 52 m length, 2.2 m width, 120 mm thickness
  • Input and outlet for finishing stands incl. drivers, pulleys with pressure cells for strip tension control, strip control, work roller changing device,
  • Magnetic plate stackers for sheet metal up to max. 20 t
  • Workpiece changing device for 8-12 roll holders
  • Cooling bed for plates, length = 41 m, width = 2.4 m

Our engineers and designers consistently use the “latest state of the technology” and their many years of experience to guarantee you optimum results with minimum project duration.

For the above systems, we produce the complete design with:

  • the necessary calculations,
  • the foundation plans,
  • the detail drawings and dispositions,
  • the design of the hydraulic and pneumatic control plans,
  • the motors and components list,
  • the electrical function description with the locking conditions
  • the connections for external systems,
  • the machine descriptions with the maintenance and lubrication instructions,
  • the complete electrical controls,
  • the electrical, mechanical and hydraulic installation and commissioning
  • the required safety devices.

For planning work, we will be happy to work out proposed solutions and provide quotations.


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